ATP Challenger Tour
5. – 10. 6. 2023 AREÁL TK PROSTĖJOV

Ivo Kaderka: The Tournament Has Easily Defended the “Czech Open” Status

21.06.2021 11:28:16 | “From the perspective of the Czech Tennis Association, the Prostėjov tournament is extremely important. Moreover, it boasts the status of Czech Open, has a long tradition and ten Czech players appeared in the main competition. These are some of the reasons why I really appreciate the Prostėjov challenger so much.

Our players got a chance to battle for points in the ATP rankings and, at the same time and we could see really excellent clay courters at the Prostėjov tournament. This week MONETA Czech Open has proved to be the best tournament in our country and I can promise on behalf of the Tennis Association that we’ll do our best to maintain this status in the future,“ said Ivo Kaderka in reference to the Prostėjov tournament.
“We were standing here in a difficult situation last year. We were caught unawares by Covid, but managed to cope with it owing to the commitment of the perfect organizational team, even though they literally had to work wonders. This year, unfortunately, there weren’t normal circumstances again. We had to deal with a number of problems, comply with regulations, create a bubble, but we succeeded in the end. The experience that Petra Černošková’s team gained last year was, of course, a great help. They already had a manual and didn’t have to struggle with one surprise after another. We have to say that the organizers deserve an A+!“ Kaderka said in praise of the organizational team.
“I also appreciate the extraordinary support from MONETA Bank that has been the general partner of the Czech Tennis Association: they have decisively and reliably participated in all the beneficial projects during recent months and times when the Czech tennis was the first to oppose Covid in Europe. They have been with the Prostėjov tournament for four years and provided it not only with prestige but also with a feeling of financial security in these difficult times. It is literally a miracle to have a long-term partner that supports all our projects during these unprecedented times. Let alone we have a common goal: to bring up Czech tennis talents,“ said the President of the Czech Tennis and Tennis Europe. “I’m also glad that Mirek Černošek is here with us. He’s had a complicated personal experience with Covid. He’s perfectly fit, maybe even more than he was before, and I’m very happy for him.“
What are the prospects for Czech Open and wishes for the next season? “We will, of course, continue to support the tournament from the position of the second sponsor. I really believe we won’t have to deal with any measures and complicated bubbles. We’ll take the masks off and enjoy tennis like we did before. This is the common wish of all of us and I believe it will finally come true.“

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