ATP Challenger Tour
5. – 10. 6. 2023 AREÁL TK PROSTĚJOV
10.06.2023 14:03:21
The 30th anniversary edition of the UniCredit Czech Open saw a Czech final the second time in a row and the sixth time in the tournament's history. This time it featured Dalibor Svrčina and Tomáš Macháč. Svrčina also appeared in the Prostějov final last year in which he lost to Vít Kopřiva. He comes from Prostějov and plays well on the home clay. He stunned many by ousting the great Czech hope Jakub Menšík and repeated the last year's success in the semi-final in which he knocked out Lukáš Klein of Slovakia with perfect tactics.
10.06.2023 12:21:05
The first part of the last day’s programme of the UniCredit Czech Open belonged to an exhibition match featuring Tomáš Berdych and Jakub Menšík. The tennis legend spent almost twenty years in the Prostějov club and the management wanted to thank him for his great representation. The crowded stalls accompanied the appreciation of thanks by long-lasting and repeated stormy applause.
10.06.2023 12:19:59
A traditional press conference was held before the Berdych vs. Menšík exhibition and Svrčina vs. Macháč final match. The tournament was evaluated by Jakub Dusílek, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of UniCredit Bank Czech and Slovak Republic, Petra Černošková, Tournament Director, and Miroslav Černošek, Managing Director of TK PLUS.
09.06.2023 18:03:19
The one but last day of the tournament traditionally saw the doubles final in which the Czech tennis was represented by Adam Pavlásek. He and the Uruguayan Ariel Behar clashed with the Italian-Spanish pair Bortolotti, Martos Gornes. The first set was very telling about where the match was headed. Pavlásek and Behar were trailing 3:5, but then improved their volleys, won four games in a row and took the first set 7:5. The second set continued in the same vein: the Czech pair broke Bortolotti and Martos Gornes at 4:4 and Pavlásek expertly closed the match with his serve.
09.06.2023 16:59:53
Thirty years have passed since the Czech painter Tomáš Bím was asked create lithographic prints and drawings for Prostějov Czech Open tennis tournament in 1994. "I remember how pleased I was when given the offer years ago. I have had so many wonderful moments with tennis and still lifes at the old Štvanice Tennis Complex which are simply impossible to forget.
09.06.2023 16:58:21
The Czech final will be played for the sixth time in the 30-year history of the Prostějov tournament! This was taken care of by Tomáš Macháč (127th ATP) who knocked out Argentine Francisco Comesana (241st ATP). In the first set, the Argentine was already leading 4:2. However, the Czech player won four successive games and took the first set. "I didn't change anything even in the unfavourable situation as I had a feeling I was playing well. When the chance came to turn the match around, I took it," Macháč said satisfactorily.
09.06.2023 14:45:33
The semi-final match at UniCredit Czech Open 2023 featuring Svrčina vs. Klein was different than between the same players a year ago. Back then Svrčina defeated Klein 7:2, 6:2. Klein certainly wanted to take revenge but failed in the end. Each set was decided by a single break and the drama culminated in the end of the third set.
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