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4. - 9. 6. 2018


Doubles Kings of MONETA: Molchanov and Zelenay
08.06.2018 18:50:41 | The final rounds of doubles did not see any Czech players. The Czech couple Zdeněk Kolář/Adam Pavlásek retired from the semi-final match in which they were to meet the Cuevas brothers. Adam Pavlásek was knocked out by his injured ankle. How did the Czech couples do? Kopřiva/Poljak lost to Pablo/Martin Cuevas of Uruguay, Jaloviec/Šafránek lost to Kolář/Pavlásek. Konečný/Vrbenský lost to Karlovskiy (Rus.)/Olivo (Arg.), Gengel/Kellovský defeated the German/Mexican couple Begemann/Reyes-Varela. The first seeded couple Jebavý/Vasilevski (Bel.) lost to Albot (Mol.) / Bašič (Bosnia) already in the opening round. The Ukrainian-Slovak couple Molchanov/Zelenay defeated Pablo/Martin Cuevas in the final match of MONETA Czech Open in the super tie-break.

Laslo Djere Gets a Second Chance to Win the Final
08.06.2018 17:48:24 | Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, the top seed of MONETA Czech Open, lost the first set in the tie-break. The decisive moment could have come at 5:5 when Djere broke the Spaniard’s serve. However, Garcia-Lopez gave as good as he got immediately afterwards. The Spaniard was more patient in the second set, as if he did not want to be too much in a hurry. He won it 6:3 and levelled the sets. In the third set, both players started patiently, saved their serves and sent the match to the final tie-break. The Serbian was leading 3:0, 4:2, 5:4 and eventually celebrated the victory. He won it 7:4 and advanced to the final of MONETA Czech Open. Laslo Djere has already appeared in the final of the Prostějov tournament. He lost to Jiří Veselý in 2015. Now, he got a second chance.

Jaume Munar Surprisingly Advances to the Final
08.06.2018 14:34:51 | Today’s programme on the Centre Court was opened by the first of the singles semi-final matches. Jürgen Melzer of Austria faced Jaume Munar of Spain who had previously defeated Pavlásek. The Austrian started much better. He broke the Spaniard’s serve and was leading 5:1. It seemed that it would be an easy job under the Austrian flag. However, Munar then rose and reduced the opponent’s lead to 4:5. Meltzer converted his serve and won the first set 6:4.

Petra Cetkovská in an Unusual Role
08.06.2018 12:05:29 | Czech TV did a wonderful job during Moneta Czech Open again. Petra Cetkovská was an expert and accompanied Tomáš Budka in the TV studio throughout the entire course of the tournament. “When I received the offer I had take a few days to consider it. Eventually, I agreed. Of course, I was a little nervous at the beginning,” said Petra Cetkovská.

Djere Saves the Second Set and Advances to the Semis
07.06.2018 18:27:42 | In 2015, Laslo Djere of Serbia advanced to the final of the UniCredit Czech Open in which he lost to Jří Veselý. Almost nobody expected Laslo Djere to advance to the final of UniCredit Czech Open then. However, he could not beat Veselý. “I really tried hard, but I had played three tough matches against top-hundred players before the final. I spent three hours on the court yesterday and I had no energy left.


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