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5. - 10. 6. 2017

Jiří Veselý Takes Another Step to His Third Title

08.06.2017 15:59:17 | The last UniCredit Czech Open has been forgotten, Jiří Veselý advances to the semi-finals and nobody will remember his last year’s loss to Kukushkin. He is to play American Sandgren next. “I saw him seven years ago at a Futures tournament in the US. Many things have changed since, but I will sure get well prepared for him,“ said Jiří Veselý after the match.

What about the match against Belarusian Ignatik? Veselý has already got a round further as compared to the last year … “I won some points in Paris. However, it’s not that important, I don’t count it because this tournament is very special and means a lot to me. I’m simply not interested in points. What is important to me is to win at home and I’ll do my best to achieve the goal. I know Ignatik very well. I’d played him three times and I always won. I knew what I was up to and that it would be a tough match. The first set was still a bit nervous, we both played too carefully and made many errors. In the second set, I broke him early and, then, it was all about keeping the concentration. The virosis? It’s still the same. I signed off from the Stuttgart tournament this morning, I have to put myself together first.“
Journey for the third title? “I try not to think about it, but it’s hard. However, it’s still too far away.“

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