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5. - 10. 6. 2017

UniCredit Czech Open Offers the Best Doubles in its History

08.06.2017 10:57:41 | Prostějov tournament doubles cutoff is 250 and UniCredit Czech Open really offers the best spectacle regarding doubles matches. Moreover, eight Czechs have appeared in the competition, the pairs: Kolář/Vocel, Kellovský/Michnev, and Papík/Rikl. Jebavý teamed with Chilean Podlipnik–Castillo and Pavlásek with Gomboš of Slovakia. Roman Jebavý was the only Czech who advanced to the semi-finals and he and his teammate Podlipnik–Castillo are to challenge the first seeded pair Paes/Marrero today.

The 14-time grand-slam winner Leander Paes and David Marrero faced Slovak-Austrian pair Igor Zelenay/Julian Knowle and only won in supertiebreak. The second round ended up similarly, they ousted Albot/Molchanov in supertiebreak.

What is on the doubles semi-final agenda today? The first-seeded pair Paes/Marrero is to face the third-seeded Jebavý/Podlipnik-Castillo in the first match and, in the second, Andreozzi/Souza are to play the second-seeded Duran/Molteni of Argentina.

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