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Exhibition Match Entertained Both the Crowd and the Players

04.06.2016 11:45:15 | The exhibition match between two mixed pairs was a perfect prelude to the final of the UniCredit Czech Open. Even though the pair Lucie Šafářová and Jiří Novák did not particularly dominate over Petra Kvitová and Petr Kolář they celebrated victory 5-4 at the end. The non-playing Fed Cup captain gallantly admitted it was all his fault.

“I must apologize to Petra for having made too many errors,“ said Petr Pála and smiled at his partner who did not really make much of the defeat. “First and foremost, I’m glad that I and Lucie could play before home crowd. You know, there’re not many opportunities. I was nicely surprised that the grandstand was full. It’s great to know that Prostějov supporters spared some time for us,“ said Kvitová. The match did not offer big serves and long rallies. However, it presented skilled technique and precision shots. Even Šafářová’s attempt to hit her opponent ended up with a smile.

“I always feel good here. It’s my home club. I saw many friends in the grandstand. It always makes me happy,“ said Šafářová.
The Prostějov legend and the formal top 10 player Jiří Novák was also satisfied. “I was flattered when I was addressed by the organization team. It was great to play with such stars,“ said Novák.
According to Pála, the pairs and the performance on the court can affect the nomination for Fed Cup matches in the future. “The exhibition match played a key role as far as the nomination is concerned. It has really puzzled me, but don’t ask me how,“ said Pála with a smile.

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