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Jiří Kunert: “We’re happy with the tournament and wish to support it”

04.06.2016 11:05:41 | A press conference was traditionally held prior to the final of the 23rd UniCredit Czech Open. Among those present were Jiří Kunert, the general manager of UniCredit Bank CR, Petra Černošková, the tournament director, Ivo Kaderka, the president of the Czech Tennis Association, and Miroslav Černošek, the director of TK PLUS. What did Jiří Kunert say about the tournament? “For our part, as the titular sponsor, the tournament has satisfied our expectations again, it only was a pity that the best Czech players ended in the quarter-finals. Of course, the final would’ve been more enjoyable for us if Czech players appeared in it, but the quality of the tournament was so high that there was no spot left for them in the final rounds.

It’s a pity that it rained so much at Roland Garros in Paris and that Radek Štěpánek took a little longer. He’s always picked up the tournament to another level. As far as the organization is concerned, it’s been flawless again. It was stunning on both sport as well as social level just like in the previous years. Every time I go to Prostějov I can be sure that everything will be as it should. The tournament was also accompanied by quality events for the clients and supporters of our bank. A traditional golf tournament was held at the Austerlitz Golf Club in Slavkov u Brna. I would like to thank to Petra Černošková for having managed our mutual 18th tournament, which has been great also thanks to her, to Ivo Kaderka and Czech Tennis Association for their support to the UniCredit Czech Open and, last but not least, to Mirek Černošek for the twenty-one years of our mutual cooperation. If you want to ask whether we will continue supporting the tournament in the future, the answer is in the folder in front of us. It expresses our support to the tournament until 2018, with an option for the following year. We’ve been satisfied with the tournament and we want to stay with it.“

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