ATP Challenger Tour
3. – 8. 6. 2024 AREÁL TK PROSTĚJOV

Svrčina: Important Moments Played Out in My Favour

05.06.2023 18:47:57 | The opening match in the main draw of the UniCredit Czech Open saw the 20-year-old Czech Dalibor Svrcina (232nd ATP) vs. Italian Luciano Darderi (173rd ATP). Svrcina had the upper hand from the first rallies. Moreover, he was defending last year's final appearance and a loss would have sent him into the second half of the ATP top three hundred. Svrčina was leading 3:0, but then he made some unnecessary mistakes and the score levelled at 3:3.

Those who thought that Svrčina would resume his performance from the first three games were wrong. The Italian turned the set around and took lead at 4:3. However, the Czech put an end to his winning streak and levelled at 4:4, 5:5. But the last two games of the first set still went to the Italian who won it 7:5. How did the second set go? Svrčina was leading 3:0 again and finally took it at 6:4. And the third set? The Italian Darderi only watched Svrcina's tennis exhibition as he lost 6:0!

Dalibor Svrčina is the first player to advance to the 1/8 round. He managed to turn the match against Italian Luciano Darderi around and can still repeat his last year's success on route to the tournament final. "I had a good start, yet I lost the first set. The same situation repeated itself in the second set, but I made sure I win that one. After a good start to the deciding set I was confident it would turn out well. The important moments played out in my favour," said Svrčina who does not want to think too much about defending last year's points. "That's the way it is in tennis, there's nothing you can do about it. Every defence is difficult, but I’m at home and know the local courts well. Moreover, I have my family, friends and coaches in the stands and they all support me. I will try to take good use of these advantages," says Svrčina.

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