Challenger Tour
4. - 9. 6. 2018

Jiří Kunert: “See you in a year, we’ll enjoy great tennis again.“

10.06.2017 13:02:35 | “The tournament’s been great again from the organizational point of view, it was perfect in terms of both the sports and social quality just like in the previous years. Every time I go to Prostějov I can be sure everything will be the way it should be. The tournament was traditionally accompanied by quality events: a tennis tournament for the clients and supporters of our bank and a golf tournament in Austerlitz Golf Club in Slavkov u Brna. We, being the tournament titular partner, have been absolutely satisfied. The tournament featured wonderful players, the weather was great, and the final was amazing too.

"The final will feature Delbonis of Argentina who is a great clay player and Jiří Veselý who has a chance to win the third title. I would like to thank Petra Černošková for having been a perfect tournament director again and for having done a tremendous job along with her team, to Mirek Černošek for whom the tournament is his life, to Ivo Kaderka and the Czech Tennis Union for their support of our tournament.“

Next year, Petra Černošková will be the tournament director for the twentieth time. Will she get a birthday present?
”There will be multiple anniversaries. It’s going to be the twenty-fifth edition of the tournament and we’ll certainly celebrate it along with Petra’s anniversary, naturally. I think we’ll come with something to make the crowd happy. See you next year, we’ll enjoy great tennis again. We have contractually agreed to support the tournament until 2018 with an option for the following year. We’re satisfied with the tournament and we want to keep supporting it in the future.“

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