Challenger Tour
5. - 10. 6. 2017

Ivo Kaderka: “UniCredit Czech Open is by far the best tournament in our country.“

10.06.2017 13:01:34 | “The tournament is really great. It boasts perfect organization, high sports quality and, above all, it’s a platform where friends meet, which is most important in these complicated times. You come to Prostějov and you know they are looking forward to meeting you, that you will enjoy excellent tennis, and become a part of a wonderful group of people who love tennis. Petra always does a great job and Mirek Černošek is a visionary who is always trying to find something new which would enhance the quality of the tournament and its background.

Jiří Kunert is a great banker and a symbol of ease, comfort, decorum and, of course, financial security. It is undoubtedly the most important tournament from the perspective of the Czech Tennis Union. It is a model for a perfect tennis project and we will continue to support it. It’s no secret that funding such a quality tournament is rather a job for wizards and sorcerers. So far, it has always worked out and that’s most important for the tournament. It really took a lot of courage to fund this year’s tournament, but everything worked out in the end. The Czech Tennis Union is a co-investor and it has always tried hard to support such beneficial projects and always will do so in the future. The next edition will already be the twenty-fifth one in a row. It is a great tradition which we need to appreciate it and take care of it.“

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