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4. - 9. 6. 2018

Petra Černošková: “Tennis Tournament of Ease and Comfort.“

10.06.2017 12:20:28 | “Thank you for the words or praise, we have all tried hard to do our best and we really appreciate the support. Without it, the tournament could not be of such great quality and would not be filled with such ease and comfort. I would like to thank my husband for entrusting me with the role of the tournament director and making it possible for me to organize such a great tennis tournament. This year, we managed to bring really great players to Prostějov again. The crowd could enjoy fantastic tennis from the very beginning. Speaking for myself, the best match of the first round was the one featuring Robredo vs. Janowicz. It was a match of Grand Slam parameters.”

The final is exactly the way it would be desired by any tournament director as well as by all of those who have cooperated in this project, primarily the best domestic player Jiří Veselý who has a chance to win the tournament for the third time and level up with Jan Hájek and Radek Štěpánek. The crowd? The areal as well as the centre court have always been full. The crowd continued coming even after the Czechs had been knocked off. They just knew they would see tennis of great quality. Of course, the tournament needs good Czech players and there is fewer and fewer of them.

The exhibition featured attractive personalities, four Olympic champions: Miloš Mečíř, Jan Železný, Lukáš Krpálek, and Aleš Valenta. The match was umpired by Radek Štěpánek who was, at the same time, the tournament ambassador and who has been trying hard to return to the ATP World Tour. The supervisor Carmelo Di Dio has been extremely satisfied with the tournament. He also appreciated the participants in the exhibitions match, he has not seen so many gold-medal champions on a single court. I would also like to thank all helped us. The 24th edition is over and you can be sure we will do our best to make the jubilee edition of the tournament even better.“

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