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5. - 10. 6. 2017

Miroslav Černošek: “We will meet here again in 2019.“

04.06.2016 13:15:15 | What did the director of TK PLUS Miroslav Černošek say at the press conference? “Try to find another sport project in the Czech Republic where you would always find the same people at the final press conference over eighteen years! Yes, we’re here. There is something to it, we have a perfect relationship which is priceless these days.

I’m glad to hear the words of praise. I already said last year that we would do everything to ensure flawless organization of the tournament again, perfect accompanying events, and to run the tournament in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. And we did.

From the sporting point of view, the tournament was of great quality. The fact that no Czech players made it through to the final rounds only reveals that there were better players here. Kukushkin has proved his quality many times. He’s won the ATP tournament in Petersburg in 2010, he defeated us in the Davis Cup in Ostrava in 2011 by beating Hájek at 2-2. Fucsovics showed a great performance here, though he also had a narrow escape twice on his way to the final. I was most sorry for Adam Pavlásek who he had a match point and lost. He has struggled to reach the top hundred and he needs to reach it for many reasons: financial as well as performance. I wish he’d make it and I think he will. Moreover, he was closest to the semi-finals from all Czechs. I’m glad that we can exchange the signed contracts with Jiří Kunert on this occasion. The contract guarantees that UniCredit Bank will stay with our tournament until 2018, with an option for another year. We can therefore assume that we will meet here again in 2019, Jiří Kunert, Ivo Kaderka, Petra Černošková, and I...“

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