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5. - 10. 6. 2017

Ivo Kaderka: UniCredit Czech Open is the Best Home Tournament.“

04.06.2016 13:12:41 | The chair of the Czech Tennis Association Ivo Kaderka attended the Prostějov tournament for the nineteenth time. The Association has supported the event for many years and the tournament has had the status of Czech Open since 2002. “Like every year, our thanks go to the organizers and, most importantly, to Petra and her team who have done a great job again. I also have to thank the titular sponsor because it is rather unusual to stay with a single project for so long. The UniCredit Bank and its general manager Jiří Kunert are a guarantee that the tournament has a bright future ahead.

His friendship with Miroslav Černošek has resulted in a long-term viable concept of the tournament. “The time is running and the tournament has flourished year by year. Looking at us, I have to admit we still look good and we still have energy to help the tournament. We meet here on an annual basis and we have good intentions. I believe it will also continue like this in the future. We are friends, we like what we do, and we do our best for the tournament. I believe you can see the result yourselves. From the perspective of the Czech Tennis Association, the tournament is a showcase and we try to support it as much as possible. It’s been, by far and large, the best tournament on the Czech tennis scene. From the sporting point of view, it has proved again how quickly the tennis is developing and who close it is today. That was also why the competition was so high this year. When the Czech players were playing their quarter-final matches, I believed some of them would make it through at least to the semis... However, the opponents proved to be better and we appreciate their quality. UniCredit Czech just had a great player field.“

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