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5. - 10. 6. 2017


Jiří Veselý Wins UniCredit Czech Open for the Third Time!
10.06.2017 14:55:13 | Jiří Veselý was definitely the favourite in the UniCredit Czech Open final. The ATP ranking was in his favour and he was riding a success wave in Prostějov: he did not lose a single set up to the final match against Argentine Federico Delbonis! Jiří Veselý has waited for a tournament title for exactly two years. The last time he held the tournament champions trophy was in Prostějov in June 2015 after beating Djere of Serbia and defending his title from 2014. Veselý has only played Delbonis twice so far: he beat him in three sets at the Svijany Open tournament in Liberec in 2013 and, on the other hand, lost to him on hard surface in three sets in Miami in 2015. What was the Jiří Veselý’s journey to his third title? He beat Popko of Kazakhstan in the first round, Arevalo of Salvador in the second, Ignatik of Belarus in the quarter-final, Sandgren of the United States in the semi-final and, finally, Federico Delbonis in the final.

Perfect Exhibition Featuring Olympic Champions
10.06.2017 13:10:11 | Miroslav Černošek surprises by the composition of players in exhibitions every year. This time, the exhibition which took place before the final featured Olympic champions and the match was umpired by the tournament ambassador Radek Štěpánek. The crowd enjoyed the performance of the judoka champion from Rio Lukáš Krpálek, the Olympic Champion in freestyle skiing from Salt Lake City 2012 Aleš Valenta, the three-time medallist from 1992 - 2000 in javelin Jan Železný, and the tennis player Miloslav Mečíř, the Olympic Champion from Seoul in 1988. The pair Mečíř and Krpálek faced Železný and Valenta on the other side of the net. The match was primarily intended to entertain and, naturally, it ended up in a tie 5:5…

Jiří Kunert: “See you in a year, we’ll enjoy great tennis again.“
10.06.2017 13:02:35 | “The tournament’s been great again from the organizational point of view, it was perfect in terms of both the sports and social quality just like in the previous years. Every time I go to Prostějov I can be sure everything will be the way it should be. The tournament was traditionally accompanied by quality events: a tennis tournament for the clients and supporters of our bank and a golf tournament in Austerlitz Golf Club in Slavkov u Brna. We, being the tournament titular partner, have been absolutely satisfied. The tournament featured wonderful players, the weather was great, and the final was amazing too.

Ivo Kaderka: “UniCredit Czech Open is by far the best tournament in our country.“
10.06.2017 13:01:34 | “The tournament is really great. It boasts perfect organization, high sports quality and, above all, it’s a platform where friends meet, which is most important in these complicated times. You come to Prostějov and you know they are looking forward to meeting you, that you will enjoy excellent tennis, and become a part of a wonderful group of people who love tennis. Petra always does a great job and Mirek Černošek is a visionary who is always trying to find something new which would enhance the quality of the tournament and its background.

Petra Černošková: “Tennis Tournament of Ease and Comfort.“
10.06.2017 12:20:28 | “Thank you for the words or praise, we have all tried hard to do our best and we really appreciate the support. Without it, the tournament could not be of such great quality and would not be filled with such ease and comfort. I would like to thank my husband for entrusting me with the role of the tournament director and making it possible for me to organize such a great tennis tournament. This year, we managed to bring really great players to Prostějov again. The crowd could enjoy fantastic tennis from the very beginning. Speaking for myself, the best match of the first round was the one featuring Robredo vs. Janowicz. It was a match of Grand Slam parameters.”

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